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We are Charlottesville Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Charlottesville, VA. Rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats can do a lot of damage to your home. They chew on electrical wires, leave their urine and feces around, and build nests in areas that can be hard to clean. Over time, mold and mildew can build up, and they spread parasites and diseases that put your family at risk. This doesn’t even cover the physical damage they can do to your home. For over a decade our family run business has helped customers throughout the area to humanely remove these animals from their business or residential property. We hire the very best technicians who are experts in their field. Men and women who use state-of-the-art techniques and have undergone rigorous training to remove these animals quickly.  While we specialize in rodent removal, we can handle any critter that may be scurrying around your attic, walls, or basement. We not only are able to help you remove these animals, but also provide professional grade building repair. We make sure that once these animals are out of your house, that they don’t get back in. Our operators are on duty 24 hours a day to handle your call. We have someone available to assist you at all hours of the day, so give us a call and we will have a technician to you right away.  Call us now at 434-244-1636 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

Critter damage repair to your home.

Attic restoration and decontamination.

Specializing in wildlife only - no poisons.

Licensed and insured in Virginia

Experts in Virginia bat removal from buildings.

Raccoon and skunk removal in Charlottesville

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Our Service Range

Barracks, Rose Hill, North Downtown, Franklin, Fontana, Pen Park, Locust Grove, Cedar Hill, Maple Ridge, Ashcroft, Belmont, Woolen Mills, Johnson Village, Lewis Mountain, Venable, and many more!

Charlottesville Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Do mothballs or ammonia help repel opossums?

Opossums can wreck havoc in and around your home by eating your food, your pet’s food or even garden vegetables that you might have planted in your backyard garden. These marsupials are omnivorous and will eat just about everything. They also have a tendency to leave their droppings everywhere and much more frequently than other animals. This can be very disconcerting because their droppings smell really awful. If that is not enough, these marsupials will cause significant damage to parts of your house such as shingles.

Many methods have been flouted to be efficient in getting rid of the menace that is opossums. Some of these methods include the use of mothballs and ammonia. Mothballs are generally meant to keep moths from making holes in clothes that are in storage. Ammonia is a chemical compound that has a distinctly pungent smell. Mothballs contain a substance known as naphthalene that have been said to have a scent that annoy opossums into leaving your space and going to forage elsewhere.

So do these mothballs or ammonia repel opossums? The short answer to this question is that they don’t, at least not effectively. The opossums have a good sense of smell to track down food that they can eat and also sense potential threats long before they arrive. Mothballs and ammonia are intended to work with this information in mind.

The same sense of smell that is supposed to help chase the opossums away from your house will alert them to the repellent and they might just end up moving to a different part of the house or compound. This way, the problem will not have been solved. The only way they would be deterred by this method of getting rid of them is if their supply of food was cut off completely and then they would have no reason to stay and avoid your mothballs and ammonia.

Moreover, mothballs are really not that strongly scented and they have no actual effects on the wellbeing of the opossum. While it’s true that the opossums don’t like the smell of the mothballs and ammonia, these chemicals don’t actually harm the animals in any way.

In certain states, use of ammonia and mothballs to get rid of opossums is prohibited because their use in large quantities may lead to seeping into the earth and causing poisoning of the soil. This can be dangerous to both humans and pets around there. The vapours emanating from these chemicals can also be harmful to humans. This is why heavy use of chemicals to get rid of infestation of such animals should be left to the professionals who take safety and precautionary measures.

In conclusion, while getting rid of opossums from your space is of importance, it is also important to use a method that will efficiently remove them. This may not just be using repellents as their track record is a tad blotchy; instead, go for a combination of methods.