Will a strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on rats?

Some of the solutions that have been floated around that can apparently help keep Charlottesville rats away from the home, workplace or garden include strobing lights and ultrasonic sound deterrent machines. Most pest control stores sell these items in a number of varieties all with the promise that they will get rid of the annoying and destructive rats in your home.

The unfortunate truth however is that these purported solutions hardly ever work. If anything, you may just end up spending more money buying more of them hoping that that will increase their efficiency only to be left with your receipts in your hands and the rats still scurrying around your house as if nothing happened.

Strobing lights come from a device that produces regular flashes of light. These lights are said to drive away Charlottesville rats by lighting up all the areas of the house, meaning you will need more than just one. Rats, like many other pests and critters that may find their way into your house will prefer to remain in the darker corners where no one goes often.

Having these bright lights in the home, switched on throughout the day and night is supposed to drive them away since they will no longer have somewhere to hide. The obvious loophole in this strategy is that in any given room, unless it is completely empty, there is always a corner that light doesn’t reach and this means the rats will still have places in which they can continue to hide and wreak havoc.

Ultrasonic sound deterrent devices are devices that produce such a high pitched sound that is said to be inaudible to humans but extremely uncomfortable for rats and insects. This sound is said to cause panic and confusion among the rats and this causes them to run right into traps or away from the house in general.

The one obvious loophole with this method of Virginia rats control is that it cannot be used on its own. The rats may run and hide in places where the loud sound waves may not reach them since these waves can be blocked by obstruction in their path. This obstruction can be for instance furniture in the room. In addition, the sound wave devices often have limited range that means they can only reach so far. As if that is not enough, the rats tend to get used to the noise over a period of time and this effectively renders them useless.

It is quite obvious that neither the lighting nor the high pitch sound deterrents will work efficiently to get rid of rats in your home, at least not on their own. Having other measures in place such as traps in order to catch them as they run around in panic over the noise or lights will improve their efficiency a little bit. The promise that these methods can help get rid of rats in a humane manner is also just a facade as the lights and loud noise will cause even human beings some level of distress.

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