Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against skunks?

Sometimes we will try anything to get rid of Virginia skunks that are invading the spaces around our home. There are many different deterrents from high pitch sound machines to urine sprays and live traps. While there are quite a few high pitch sound deterrent machines on the market that claim to repel most animals and even insects. Be wary this is false, and the machines are simply marketed to make the buyer believe everything they see in the advertisement.

These machines appear to work the first few times however, after the sound has been there awhile the Charlottesville animals don’t seen to worry about the high pitch sounds and will simply go about their business knowing the sound is there all the time and offers no danger. It is said these machines work best for skunks. This again is not true and while the machine lets out a very high frequency sound wave that is claimed to be above our normal hearing range the skunks are supposed to be frightened and irritated, but this simply is not true.

Given the fact Charlottesville skunks have a good sense of hearing and smell but lack in the vision department people believe these work as the skunks can hear an emitting noise but cannot see what is making the noise due to their lacking vision so they will be driven away.

There are different deterrents out there like the ones that use electricity but these are also not so good as they require an ongoing use of battery. They come with an indicator light that shows a red color, but these are not worth the money and are alike high pitch deterrents. If you choose to use insecticides or other deterrents that need to be used with caution it is important to monitor these regularly. It seems these days that most things need to be tested in order to advertise that they actually work. The high pitch noise deterrents don’t.

The creators do not have to provide any type of proof that the item actually works or does what it promises to do. This is why they will advertise that it works and does all what you want it to do when it actually doesn’t it is merely a gimmick to get you in. While there are many animals that will be frightened by high pitch sounds or unfamiliar noise in their accommodating spots. It seems though that the skunk can adjust to the sounds as they are simply repeating themselves.

Once the skunk is used to the sound and realizes there is no immediate danger following the sound it won’t do too good of a job repelling the skunks.

There is still plenty of research needed when it comes to whether skunks can be deterred away by high pitch sounds, the best way to deter them is make sure you prevent them from invading again. Whether you use commercial or natural repellants if you prevent them from coming in you won’t have the hard work of trying to get them to leave.

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